Melissa Hadley is an internationally certified project management professional, internationally certified facilitator, BC registered professional forester, and certified teacher, skilled in working with diverse groups in government, First Nations, industry, and not-for-profit organizations.

Michael Buell is a registered professional forester with advanced diplomas in geographic information systems and information technology and extensive experience in aspatial and spatial modeling.

Glenn Sutherland is a registered professional biologist and systems ecologist with expertise in decision analysis and risk assessment, environmental assessment and mitigation, and ecological synthesis.

Jason Smith is an ecologist, registered professional biologist, and resource management analyst with expertise in spatial modeling and analysis of complex datasets.

Susan Leech is an extension professional, accomplished writer, and registered professional biologist, who works with stakeholders to achieve conservation goals and sustainability.

Edward Gin is a systems analyst with a forestry degree and information technology diploma, and is experienced in both forest operations and forest resource planning.

Richard Rawling is a graphic designer with extensive conceptualization and production experience for a wide range of media including websites, computer-user interfaces, print publications, on-screen presentations, and data visualization.