Susan Leech

Key Strengths:

  • scientific, technical, and popular writing
  • bringing together diverse groups to build partnerships and collaborative processes
  • strategic planning and evaluation
  • workshop design, delivery, and facilitation.

Susan is a registered professional biologist with over twelve years experience working in BC's natural resource management sector, in the areas of conservation research, extension, and communications. Susan's passion is in using science to promote sustainability, through working with stakeholders and interest groups to understand their needs and provide timely, relevant, and succinct information to encourage a shift towards increased sustainability.

Susan's work experience includes strategic planning and evaluation, project management, high-level facilitation, and planning for high impact communications and extension. Through her many years of working with BC's forest industry, she has an excellent understanding of the range of issues encompassing sustainability in this industry, including conserving biodiversity, maintaining productivity, protecting water resources, and understanding socio-economics impacts, particularly with respect to First Nations.